Underneath I am....beYOUtiful!

Recently I had the privilege of participating in the “Underneath We are Women” Project by Amy Hermann, a soon to be published book about body diversity.

Amy traveled from Australia to do two shoots in the US (New York and LA). The LA shoot took place a little over a month ago. It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles and I was so excited the morning had finally come for the Underneath We are Women Photo shoot!

My husband and me were the first to arrive to the studio. Not long after, the other ladies and their friends/family trickled in one by one.
I think most of us were a little nervous but also excited to both meet all the other women and for our much anticipated turn in front of the camera.

Since I didn’t need to get my hair done (haha!), I was one of the first to go.
Amy was, of course, amazing and super fun to shoot with! It seemed we were on the same page with my vision the entire time while shooting and all the way through to making my photo selection for the book! We wanted to capture a shot that showed off the fact that I had a full bodysuit of art and also my joy and laughter. (And we had to get the GuzKicks in the shot too, of course!)


Amy let all of the women pick which of the photos we wanted as our one for the book, and the written portion is also whatever we wanted to say! Amy’s loving and kind heart, just wants to provide a platform for all these amazing women to share their authentic selves. I admire the work, energy, time, and money she has put in for the project because she is so passionate about sharing our stories and through that making all women feel represented, beautiful, and not alone. I think we can all learn and be inspired by this selfless mindset of uplifting the women around us. Amy reminds me of the quote, “Another person’s beauty is not the absence of your own.” 

We are all beautiful and in this together. There is no comparison. Each of our stories is unique and valuable. 

Amy has photographed over 100 women around the World for the UWAW project! I believe there was about 22-23 of us photographed on that day in LA.
I also want to note to any of the women I met at the shoot, it truly was a blessing to meet you all and it was really fun to make some new connections. I only wish I could have stayed for more of the shoot that day!

You’ll have to grab the book to see my selected photo and read exactly what I wanted to share for the book, but I’d encourage you all to check out the Underneath We Are Women page and the website. The book is currently available for Pre-Order on that website. You can also find more of the other women through that page and hear about their stories as well:


Underneath I am…..beYOUtiful!



  • please I could send you my vanz so you can make your designs

  • Such an amazing opportunity and campaign! I love how you consistently promote body positivity and self love. It has helped me to break insecurities and chains that I have put on myself. You are an inspiration and I love your heart and soul!


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